Pobl Aberteifi 48: Edward Wollstonecraft (1768-1848)

Claddwyd Edward Wollstonecraft ym mynwent Aberteifi ar 17 Chwefror 1848 [B 2]

Cyfenw’r dyn a ddaeth i’m sylw gyntaf yng nghofnodion claddu’r Eglwys. Tybed a oedd y gŵr yn perthyn i’r enwog Mary Wollstonecraft, y wraig a sgrifennodd  A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792)?

Ganwyd Edward Wollstonecraft ym 1768 gan dreulio rhan fwyaf o’i oes fel marsiandwr yn Gibraltar. Mary oedd enw ei wraig. Dychwelodd ar ôl ymddeol i fyw yng Nghaerfyrddin. Tybed pam y cafodd ei gladdu ym mynwent Aberteifi?

Dyma ddisgrifiad o’r cymeriad gan ei or ŵyr Godfrey Wordsworth Turner:

He was in England when I was a child of very tender years, and stayed in our house till I was nearly seven; and again he visited my father, his nephew, when I had reached the age of fifteen or sixteen; after which time he retired to a small estate in Carmarthenshire, where he died.

One of his excellent traits was the love of educating children and grown persons less informed than are most children. It was a much commoner thing in those days than it now is for servants to be wholly illiterate; and wherever, and whenever, the grandly simple benevolence of this venerable man led him to detect a case of that kind, he instantly set himself to work, in his own direct and efficient way, to remedy the defect.

My father’s household owed much to his labour. A serving-woman who, when not young, and not comely, was unable to tell one letter from another, learned to read well and to write a very neat hand from his tuition; and could draw up the bill of fare for dinner, not in bad French but good English.

Art Studies of Home Life by Godfrey Wordsworth Turner (daphnejohnson.co.uk)

A’i berthynas â’r Mary enwog? Roedd tad Edward – gŵr o’r enw Edward Bland Wollstoncraft (1735/6—85) yn hanner cefnder i Mary (1759—97).

Gadael Ymateb

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