Fuoch chi’n dawnsio gyda George Child-Villiers?

Daily Mirror, 2.9.1939

Pwy oedd George Child-Villers? Dyma beth sy yn Wikipedia:

On his father’s death at Middleton Park in December 1923, he succeeded as the 9th Earl of Jersey and inherited nearly 20,000 acres of land in England. Lord Jersey was a clerk with Glyn, Mills & Co. in 1932 and served as chairman of Wallace Brothers Sassoon Bank. He fought in World War II, gaining the rank of Major in the Royal Artillery of the Territorial Army. The 9th Earl gave Osterley Park in Hounslow to the nation in the late 1940s.
Lord Jersey was married three times and twice divorced. He married his first wife, Patricia Richards (1914–2017) of NSW, Australia on 12 January 1932.
A week after his divorce was finalized, Lord Jersey married American actress Virginia Cherrill on 30 July 1937 at the Chelsea Register Office. She was the ex-wife of actor Cary Grant. They divorced in 1946.
His third and last wife was Bianca Luciana Adriana Mottironi (d. 2005), whom he married on 16 October 1947. She was the eldest daughter of furniture maker Enrico Mottironi of Via Goffredo Casalis in Turin, Italy.

Neb o Aberteifi felly!

Gadael Ymateb

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